Pat Stevenson
(Bass Guitar)

  • 4 String Bass Guitars: Old Fender Something - You name it, I got it...
  • 5 String Bass Guitar: Alembic
  • 6 String Bass Guitar: Modules fretless
  • Amp Rig: The best Crate makes
  • Microphone: Shure SM-58 Mic.
Patrick R. Stevenson is a well-known St. Louis bassist who has played in a wide variety of bands. His melodic playing style and perfect pocket grooves cement the creative changes, twists and turns of Open Sunday tunes. He is an avid bass collector and owns an extensive arsenal of instruments, so that on any given night you may see a different rare and beautiful bass in his hands.

His major musical influences are John Entwistle, Phil Lesh, Jack Bruce, and Leland Sklar. As a music industry veteran and businessman, he worked for St. Louis Music (Crate & Ampeg) for 16 years before starting his own business as an independent marketing and sales consultant. You may find information about his professional career @

He is also a member of an acoustic trio originally called "Cimmaron", which is now known as "Wildhorse Creek". They play occasionally in the St. Louis area and have penned a number of original tunes including "Me & Miguel" which is covered by Open Sunday. You may find information about this project @