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Gig Posters ~
Blueberry Hill- May 19th
Blueberry Hill- Jan. 21st
The Pageant - Sept. 11th
The Blue Note- Sept. 9th
The Pageant - May 14th
Ground Hogs Day Celebration 2010 ~
Blueberry Hill January 30th
G-Fest Koken Art Factory July 27th ~
Cedarmill Open House Party June 6th
Sky Music Lounge March 21st
Ground Hogs Day Celebration 2009 ~
Ciceros June 14th [Canceled]
Lucas School House March 15th
Ground Hogs Day Celebration 2008 ~
Ciceros Jan. 25th
Panama Reds Nov. 2nd
Lucas School House Sept. 8th
Blueberry Hill August 4th
KRMS Radio Homegrown Show June 23rd
KRMS Radio Homegrown Show April 28th
Ciceros February 10th
Ground Hogs Day Celebration 2007 ~
Lucas School House November 17th
Harvest Jam 2006 - October 27th - 28th``
Applebutter 2006 - September 29th - 30th~
Blueberry Hill August 5th ^
Ciceros July 1st
Highcroft May 26th Þ
Northfork Rr. Ark. (Trout Fishing) May 4 - 6th
Ground Hogs Day Celebration 2006 ~
Baby K’s December 16th
Blueberry Hill December 10th ^
The Club House October 28th
Ciceros August 27th ^
Philmont 2005 July 21 - Aug 2nd ~
Ciceros June 3rd ^
Ciceros May 21st ^
Buffalo Rr. Ark. (Trout Fishing) April 22 - 24th
Blueberry Hill March 26th ^
Cicero's March 12th ^
Webster University February 12th ^
Ground Hogs Day Celebration 2005 ~
Mississippi Nights November 20th ^ €
Lil’ Nikki’s November 5th j
POP's October 30th
POP's October 16th
Blueberry Hill August 28th
Boundry Waters Minn. (Canoeing) 2004 ~
Engima Lounge June 11th
Studio Cafe April 30th
White Rr. Ark. (Trout Fishing) April 23 - 25th ~
Blueberry Hill March 13th ^
Ground Hogs Day Celebration 2004¢
Blueberry Hill January 3rd «
Blueberry Hill November 29th ^
Blueberry Hill October 11th (L.I.B. Friends) j
Blueberry Hill September 20th ^
Enigma Lounge September 12th ^
Philmont Trek 2003 §
The Filling Station July 12th
Lodge Recording Session June 2003 ~
Enigma Lounge May 9th
Enigma Lounge April 4th ~
Enigma Lounge Feb. 23 (Friends) ~
Ground Hogs Day Celibration 2003 *
Enigma Lounge Jan.10 ~
Deer Hunt 2002 ~
Parrot's Gigs 2002 +
Stoval's Gig March 21~
Hi Pointe Gig Feb. 28~
Ground Hogs Day Celebration 2002~
Kennealy's Gig Oct. 19
Pageant Gig Sept. 2001
Eddie's Sports Bar Lake Ozark July 2000 ~
Stovall's Grove Jan. 28 1999 ~
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