Bart 'BB' Berry
(Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Percussion)

  • 12 String Guitar: Alvarez acoustic/electric (about to buy 6-string? yeah!)
  • Singing Utensil: Shure 58 Mic.
  • Percussion: Congas, Timbales, Roto Toms, Tambourine, Tocoa Egg & Wood Block
  • Drums: 1970 Rodgers 4 pc English-style kit.
  • Words and melodies: Pen or pencil (Pref. a #3 pencil), paper, patience and imagination (to wit).
So I am told that I get to do and say anything I want in this "SPACE" of the web site huh? I am sure I will leave out valuable information into what has, does and will move me as far as music goes. I know music has always been a very sacred for me. For some reason I have never felt compelled to share my music or the music I enjoy with others (big mistake). Music always has been and always will be the most important secret I've held & hold over everyone anytime any place?..(maybe).

Do you have your reading shoes on?. I guess it all started with my brother's record collection in his basement room. I would sit under our pool table and listen to what he listened to: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Monkeys etc. Then I was introduced to RUSH a good friend turned me on to them and I took it from there (1st album you ask? All The Worlds A Stage RUSH) then on to Kiss, Van Halen, Led Z. & countless others. Then, on my own, I discovered U2 & The Cure in high school. Whoa, did I love the sound those two bands made. Others included: Modern English, Ice Castle Works ("We are, We are, We are the dark children"), Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Plimsouls, The Police, Various Reggae etc. (blah, blah, blah!)

Musically important moment #1 my world changed.. I went with some my North County brohams' to Animal House (a young "alternative music diggers") dream. It's an old converted movie house with a great stage, ok sound & killer ambiance! Anyhoot... I walk down the isle to the front, I must have been 5 feet from the front of the stage. A band called THE EYES were kickin'it & they hooked me from the moment I heard them doing a cover of an Ice Castle Works song.

Then my musical taste went straight to "ALTERNATIVE" if you can call it that. Bands like The Cult, Soundgarden, Bad Brains, Smashing Pumpkins & early PJ Harvey were some of the harder influences. While Concrete Blonde, The Lad's, Toad The Wet Sprocket, & early Live were a few of the softer bands that effected me.

The reason The Eye's were so important to me musically was the fact that they jump started my musical being. First, I was inspired to learn and play the drums, then the guitar and then on to song writing (if you can call it that). Play Dow I rapped that up pretty quick & once again, I guarantee I left out some important people and moments.

During my final years in college, two good buddies of mine and my older brother Gabe truly inspired me to stay on the song writing train. My buddy Mike McKowski inspired my guitar playing, Mark Johannesman my ability to write a song and my brother provided the guitar. Mike taught me tricks and things I couldn't learn on my own. Mark spent hours with me learning the words and sounds of my songs. Then countless other hours helping me learn to sing. And to both of you I say, "Thanks from the bottom of my heart".

After college Mark and I kept singing and writing. We actually got pretty good at making our voices sound good together. As we got better we started thinking of starting a band. That's when Mr. Andrew Foster and Mr. Steve Maness joined up with Mark and I and wha la OPEN>Sunday® was born.