Andy 'Fos' Foster
(Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Harmonica)

  • 6 String Acoustic: (Fender Montaro) w/ Crate CA125D amp, Shure TGD Wireless
  • Vocals: Shure 58 Mic.
  • Harmonica: (Hohner 20 Specials & Chromatics) Hohner 'Blues Blaster' mic.
  • 4 String Bass: (Fender Precision Lt.) w/Ampeg SVT 4-pro 1-18"/2-10",
    Shure TGD Wireless
  • Percussion: (LP Cabasa)
Born last into a large family of musicians I initially was drawn into the music scene by my siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles that came before me. Most family functions and social gatherings found the Foster family melodies and harmonies echoing thru the living rooms and gathering halls around the Lake of the Ozarks area.

As one of the singer/song writers in OPEN>Sunday® my initial instincts for song writing came from my father, Buford Foster, who is famous for lyrics and melodies like 'Rubbing Doctor', 'Sons of the Beaches' and 'The Lake of the Ozarks Anthem' (See book written by Buford Foster That's the Way it Was ). Other music directors such as Larry Maness and Florence Thompson encouraged me to develop my skills as a player and as a soloist. But it wasn't until I and fellow songwriters Steve Maness and Steve Blair began playing together, that the vision of writing, playing and recording music went from dreams to reality. The three of us soon linked up with Mark Johannesman and Bart Berry (two more song writers) and for years developed and refined the song writing and playing methods that I use today.

Other song writing influences ranging from RUSH (Jack Secret) to John Denver gave me a broad musical base. But in recent years bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket, Massive Attack, Todd Schneider and John Hargrove have inspired me to write and arrange complete musical pieces.

But by far and with no doubt, the talented musicians that have chosen to surround me over the years have provided the catalyst for my emergence as an all around musician. Players such as Steve and George Whitlow, Pat and Thom Roe, Gabe Berry, Paul Schaffrin, Kevin Watson, Dave Kalz, Terry Melton, Rob Compton, Mike Fish and most of all, the sidemen and players in OPEN>Sunday® have truly provided the driving desire I have to create and enjoy the magic that music brings.

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room" -Mike Fish 1999