Paul Ohlman (:~}

  • Keyboards: Yamana KX5, Yamana KX500, Yamana DX7II-FD
  • Synthesizers: Kurzweil PC-88, Kurzweil 2500X, MicroMoog
  • Organ: (2)Hammond B3 w/Leslies
  • Vocals: (Shure 58)
Well it was a ways back when I started my musical career singing and ear training with the nuns at St. Joseph's grade school in Cottleville Mo. Each student was given a little metal six-hole flute and we learned to play and sing songs together in class. By the time I started accordion lessons at the age of 9, I already knew about Do Re Mi etc.. As a freshman at age 13 I sang in the choir and performed the lead role in our high school production of Oliver.

Aah, those were the years. Porch swings, homemade pie and buggy whips. Ok, ok maybe not that far back but I was 13 when I started my first combo on accordion and coronet, playing old standards with a drummer and horns. I played my little fingers blue as it all came so natural for me. But then, at the age of 16, I realized that the accordion was not really hip for rock, pop, & soul music so I got an electric Wurlitzer piano and finished out a stint with Jerry and the Penetrations. Wow, what a concept... getting paid to have all this fun. That pretty much sums up my first gig ?in band experience.

From there I traded my Wurlitzer in on a Farfisa, then to a Vox Super Continental and began to play in soul and rock bands such as the SOUL SEEKERS / SOUL REVUE. Other various bands and incarnations followed, leading me to divers musical interests. In the late 70?s I found myself studying classical music at a local junior college and taking road gigs in rock, soul and disco groups such as STARSHIP ENTERPRISE, The Ralph Cooper Show, CARNIVAL, and Denise Day & Fantasy. But by the time this cycle of life had run its full turn, I was shifting my interest to Jazz. Here I had the honor of studying piano under this monster of a piano teacher by the name of Herb Drury. Can't say enough good things about this fella.

Also, after the road days I trained at KBK Studios as a recording engineer. During this time (early 80's) I worked at Sugar Creek Records engineering, co-writing and producing music with songwriters and musicians. It was there that I developed the sound editing and mastering skills that I use today. In this same period I continued to play keyboards and sing with Maga / Tim Reynolds, WHITE STARLINE, NIGHT MAGIC, FELIX and LUCKY DOG BAND. Then came RISING STAR and my first Jazz quartet experience with BIG NOTES. Most recently I played keys with BROWN BEANS & HAM and that morphed into FUZZY BRIDGES.

I was also an original member of the BENEVOLENT MUSHROOMS with Rich Hamilton and Jim Wheeler. This was/is a very interesting project that developed over a period of 20 years. We recorded all original music and released tapes and CDs. Check out the Benevolent Mushrooms website at:

Currently I work as a freelance audio technician for many Audio/Visual companies as well as the St. Louis Rams and the Edward Jones Dome. I also own and operate a recording studio and sound company called AUDIO CONSUNTANTS. There I record, arrange and produce custom sound tracks for private and commercial clients.

Then one day, as most good stories go, I was attending a Danny and Pat Liston's reunion concert at a nightclub in downtown St. Louis called Mississippi Nights. There an old friend by the name of Sam Ferranto introduced me to Andy Foster, a fellow band member. The two of them reviewed the OPEN>Sunday® project that they were involved with and asked me if I was interested.

Here again was an opportunity to collaborate with musicians and songwriters. So with the shake of my lucky rabbits foot, badaboom - badbbing, I found myself hanging out with a community of skilled musicians that we all now call OPEN>Sunday®. I feel that my interest and background in jazz, sole and the world beat gives the group a wider variety of styles in which to meld.

We are a fun loving bunch of players and we enjoy developing, playing and recording our own music. Hope you can dig what we be lay'in down!