Kevin Rauscher

  • Trumpet: Benge 6x
  • Fleugal Horn: Yamaha YTH281
  • Piccolo Trumpet: Super Sounding Something
  • Microphone: Autio Technica Pro 35x Mic.
Hi I am Kevin Rauscher and I am a working free lance trumpet player from St. Louis, Mo.

I started playing trumpet professionally in 1975 starting out with Herb Sadler and the SaltNPepper revue and multiple society orchestras with Russ David, Johnny Polzin, Jack Engler. I have subbed with Bob Kuban Band, The Fabulous Motown Review, The Skylark Brothers, Trilogy Band and occasionally with Norm Ruebling Band out of CoMo Jeff City area.

In 1984 I began a long association with The Benders as part of what eventually became the Dogtown Horns. As a horn section we have worked with St.Louis own Mama's Pride, Buffalo Bob and The Bedroom Blues, the Brothers Allman Tribute, The Etouf'e All Stars and Asleep at the Wheel.

I am currently playing Trumpet in an east side band called The Jorrells that does private functions and dances at every VFW and KofC Club in the Hinterlands of Illinois. The Jorrells have been performing since 1964! I am the youngster on that band!

The Dogtown Horns have been adding our unique horn sounds to OPEN>Sunday and another band project called Volcanic Ash. In 2017/18 The Dogtown Horns were on Smooth Talkin Perverts debut album called 'Show Me'.

A long and fruitful relationship with hyper creative saxman Richard Zempel continues!

We love collaborating with bands wanting to add a horn section!