Gene Jacobson

  • Trumpet: 1976 Bach Stradivarius #37 (Silver)
  • Fleugal Horn: 1994 Morlli #815
  • Piccolo Trumpet: Super Sounding Something
  • Microphone: Autio Technica Pro 35x Mic.
I started playing a student brass cornet in 1975, and moved to my current silver Bach Stradivarius horn in '76. Funny, but not so funny, story - the very first day in band after I received my new georgeous professional silver trumpet, I went to polish it up and unfortunately used the cloth from my brass coronet, stripping off about 2" of the silver! After my initial reaction which involved various words I won't print here, I somehow accepted the imperfection of my otherwise perfect instrument, and it was at that moment really that I decided that perfection in music, and really in all things for the most part, is the eneny of good. Open Sunday is not about perfect - we are about finding the good in the moment and sharing that with people who enjoy watching art created before their ears.

So, I just play with abandon! And now I'm granted open field to create special horn parts for the original Open Sunday tunes. I'm still eager to create something new every time my lips hit the mouthpiece (there's a visual...). I do plan to bring some of my original work ultimatly to the band over time, but for now I'm focused on making the incredible original musical works created by my band buds even more special and original.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to join this guild of guys. It's sort of like frat party meets bowling night meets poker night meets jam session meets... you get the idea - a ton of fun. Looking forward to growing old but not getting "older" with the band :-)

Gene Gene the Trumpet Machine