Tim Nilson
(Percussion/ Vocals)

  • Percussion: Toca 3000 10" & 11" Congas w/ Match Toca Bongos
  • More Percussion Stuff: Cabasa, Vibraslap, Agogo Bells, Tambourine, Woodblocks, Claves, Wood Guiro, Bar Chimes
  • Drum Kit: 4 piece LUDWIG with Zildjians cymbals
  • Microphone: Sure SM-58
I was born a poor black child, and at the age of 18 I discovered rhythm. I then went on to experience life and all the stuff that happens around it. Little did I know that it would all end up here on this page and in this band. I learned my craft on the streets of San Francisco and at fishermen wharf playing for the tourists. It was a tuff beginning, but then my friends said California is the place you outta be, so I loaded up the truck and I moved to Beverly, Hills I mean. While playing on Sunset strip I met and played with all the Greats, but like most musicians, the early years are hard to remember!

Somewhere in the middle I found love and married a terrific woman and had a couple kids. A friend said " Meet me in St. Louie, Louie", and life was much nicer here, so we moved here to stay. While watching my kids at a swim meet, my friends introduced me to Andy, but not until later did I find out that he was a musician too! He invited me over to one of their practices, and the rest is history!! TO BE MADE!!

More Truth than Fiction:

Started at age 4
First Band - Jr. High School Band
First Garage Band - " Force of Habit"
..Formed on the ski resort near Big Bear Lake, Ca.
..We all worked at Snow Summit Ski Lodge in the Rental Dept.
Instrument - Drums and Percussion
1st and Current Drumset - 4 piece LUDWIG with Zildjians cymbals
Various Percussion instruments
Groupies - Cindy, Megan and Andrew!

Ambition - To never let the flame die!!