George Vazquez
(Bass Guitar)

  • 4 String Bass Guitar: Less Stringy
  • 5 String Bass Guitar: Is Stringy
  • 6 String Bass Guitar: More Stringy
  • Amp Rig: VW Micro-bus
  • Microphone: Shure SM-58 Mic.
As a native New Yorker Mr."V" (as he currently is known as) left the Big Apple in a huff, some say courtesy of the witness protection program. He claims the charges were trumped up and that he was framed. But enough about ancient history.

Mr."V" has played in various Bands in the St Louis area under many assumed names. Some may know him as Rod Stiferman With 'The Probes' or as Mars Cyzbyrnin in 'The Bitter Ends'. Other aliases include Harry Balzac and Peter North. Both of which still brings shivers to people from the Czech Republic.

Mr. "V" is also an avid collector of vintage Basses, especially when 'thy are left unattended!' Some of his favorite pastimes are collecting hubcaps from the side of the road and performing euthanasia on small defenseless animals.

To be loved, is to love...