Paul Schaffrin
(Lead Guitar/Vocals)

  • 6 String Electric Guitars: Red Dean curly maple Cadillac; Smoky metallic Ibanez
  • 6 String Acoustic Guitar: Alvarez Yari, Acoustic Electric.
  • 12/6 String Acoustic: Ovation Double Neck Acoustic/Electric Guitar
  • Amp Rig: 300watt all tube stereo Mesa Power head with Digitech 2120 stereo tube preamp effects processor. Crate 4/12 stereo cabinet.
  • Microphone: Shure SM-58 Mic.
  • Gear: LesboQuest 9000 (replica) strap on Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 5 HP motor. 2200 r.p.m. maximum articulation. Includes Uterus invader prosthetic extension enhancer and optional silencer.
Paul was kicked out of every decent band in St. Louis that he ever played with. He showed up for practice with OPEN>Sunday® one Wednesday and refused to leave. He's been living in my basement for several months now and the stench is getting unbearable; his guitar playing isn't much better. But my wife has him doing the ironing and the dusting (and he can lay tile too). So she says he's IN? I..I..I guess we'll keep him.

His pedigree isn't too bad. He's been with a hot cover band, 'Loud Mouth Soup' since 1998. By the way our veteran drummer Keith was one of the original members of that group. Actually Paul has sat in a time or two with OPEN>Sunday® in the past. If you're a regular, you may have seen him play at places like, Stovall's, The Enigma Lounge and has been a regular invader of the Ground Hogs Celebration at Pelican Point (Lake of the Ozarks).

Paul studied classical guitar and had applied some of this education in theatre projects in college. Paul played with the band Vision in 1982 - 1983. He performed with various bands while living in California. Paul was with Lost and Found prior to co-founding Loud Mouth Soup. He currently does gigs with Loud Mouth Soup (unplugged) but is mainly engaged in doing ironing and dusting for me and playing lead guitar in OPEN>Sunday®, and loving life with little respect for selfishness or those who engage in it.

For all you hotties out there wanting him while he's on stage. Forget it. He's married he has 8 children, so back off. Child support alone could drain all the resources of the band. Besides he stays here enough of the time. It could be a disaster if Angie wasn't around to drag him home once in a while to give me a break.

"Life's value is not the money you fill your pockets with; but the people you fill your heart with."