John Schroeder :~]

  • 4 string (Classic):68 Fender Firebird
  • 4 string (Old Axe):94 Fender Jazz
  • 4 string (New Axe):08 Fender Getty Lee
  • Amp Rig: Ampeg SVT-4 Pro with Cavin 2-10" & 1-18" speaker cabinets
  • Microphone: Shure SM-58 Mic.
I'm originally from St Louis and have played in several local bands since my early 20s. I've played rock, pop, jazz and soul music with a variety of great players, performing mostly cover songs. My musical influences have been mostly from the rock and modern jazz world. Bass players such as Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wootan, Stanley Clark, Alain Carron to name a few. I loved playing music back then but soon found myself married with a wonderful family, and consumed in a manufacturing business that my wife and I began in 1992. My time spent playing music was temporarily put on the shelf. Then, a few years ago, decided to to get serious with music again and started playing in a couple part-time bands.

So, how did I meet the guys in Open Sunday? My 20 yr. old son had been hanging out with his friends on wednesday nights. He mentioned to me that one of his friend's dad had a band and they would always be playing when he was there. He told me "Dad u would really like the band. I think u would really like their music" I half jokingly said "Hey tell them to call me if they ever need a bass player" (ha ha) To my surprise, I got a phone call a few weeks later and was invited over to jam late on a weeknight. (They probably thought I would be a real hack) It was then that I met the guys in Open Sunday. I thought it was a breath of fresh air as they were playing original music! They're a great group of guys with very creative musical talent. I was invited to join the band in April 2011 and been having a blast ever since then. It's a great mix of original music written by various band members. I hope that you will all enjoy the music as much as we enjoy playing it!