Sam 'Sal' Ferranto C-11-01

  • 4 String Bass #1: Spector Euro-4 Blue Maple
  • 4 String Bass #2: 1973 Fender Precision Vintage Sunburst
  • Acoustic Bass: Dean Spruce Performer BCE
  • Bass Rig #1: Ampeg SVT 4-pro amp with Ampeg 8-10" speaker cabinets. Line-6 rack mount BASS POD. Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Rig
  • Bass Rig #2: Peavey BAM 210 w/AKG 6B40 Portable Wireless Rig
  • Bass Rig #3: Fender Frontman Reverb
  • Vocals: (Shure 58)
I was born in St. Louis, MO in the year 1954. I started playing guitar at age 8. My grandmother bought me a Zindel, with a quiver bar, and a Custom Craft amp. It was after that, music became my heart and soul. Growing up in the "Dogtown" neighborhood of St. Louis, now known as "Canine Estates", I met my lifetime friend, Danny Liston, and his older brother, Pat Liston, who were St. Louis's own, "Mama's Pride". I took guitar lessons from Pat Liston for quite a while, then his music profession sky rocketed.

In 1972, I met a very talented 12 string acoustic guitar picker named, Chuck Banks. We practiced at the "Stone House", in Pevely, Mo., and played as a trio with Glenn Butterhorn. In St. Louis, we were known as the, "Pevely Springs". We played regularly until 1978, especially in the summer when I was home from college.

The year 1973, took me to Mizzou, where I joined the Phi Kappa PSI fraternity, and formed a rock band with brothers in the house, playing fraternity and sorority parties. We called ourselves the "Phi Psi's", Man we had fun!

My senior year in college, I did my field internship for six months, at the Missouri State Penitentiary. There I played with numerous convict musicians called, "The Versatiles". We played everything from soul to deep rhythm blues. This was a phenomenal experience. Please note, I was not a convict!!

After college graduation, I met a good friend named, Dan Sproat. We formed a group called, "Jasper", playing the popular clubs in St. Louis and Columbia, Mo. This group was a cover band and could pack a club, and rock the house.

After "Jasper's" separation, I met outstanding talent and joined a group called, "Cluster". We stayed together for 10 years. Mike Aubuchon (Lead Guitar), Bill Wesche (Keyboards), Bob Dulworth (Drums), and Sam (Bass). For eight months we played Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, as a house band, at a club called, "Desperado's", on South Broadway. On Friday and Saturday nights, we would draw on the average of 350 people. This band really cooked and we had some serious chemistry.

My most memorable music night, was when I was at Mizzou. My friend Danny Liston of, "Mama's Pride", sent me a back stage pass for their concert. "Mama's Pride" opened for "Charlie Daniel's" who played second, followed by the "Marshall Tucker Band". That night I visited and partied with my new and old friends including, Charlie Daniel's, and Doug Gray of Marshall Tucker. "A night to remember".

Now with, OPEN>Sunday®, an original group, I have the heart felt satisfaction of creating the lines for original songs, in addition to strong vocal work. OPEN>Sunday®, brings out the creative juices in me, by developing vocal and bass work that is mine, not a copy of someone else's talent. OPEN>Sunday® is a great group of talented musicians that has come together to create the magic of music. We all share in the adventure and the vision.

This is my life story, I hope you enjoy.

"Fun is a 3 letter word, with U in the middle" -Sam Ferranto