Steve Whitlow
(Lead Guitar/Vocals)

  • Electric Guitar: Ibanez ArtStar w/ 6 wood vibrators and one small flux capacitor (Natural Finish)
  • Electric Guitar: one Parker Fly and one Dawson Flea
  • Acoustic Guitar: Alverez Classical Yada-yada-yada
  • Amp Rig (Electric): Line 5.whatever Flexible-Flyer III
  • Amp Rig (Acoustic): one Crate of Crappy Cabbage (say that 3 times fast...)
  • Microphone: Shure Master-Beta 58

Some 20+ years ago Steve was exposed to the music and lyrics from the power trio RUSH. This exposure, which turned into an infatuation, provided the driving influence and style that he exhibits today. As a youth Steve would emulate the styles of Alex Lifeson (Lead Guitar player from RUSH) as he honed his skills on the guitar. And after performing in nearly a dozen cover bands over the last 20 years he returned to those roots as the Lead Guitar Player in the RUSH tribute band THUNDERHEAD.

THUNDERHEAD (a Tribute to RUSH) was his concept band that involved his brother George Whitlow (Bass) and a co-worker Bob Swain (Drums). As the band began to reach the 500 to 1000 capacity clubs more and more regional touring began to take its toll. To the point that in the winter of 2002, work and family demands forced his departure from the project.

Now after a few years in the studio, hammering away at his own original music, Steve has found a group of talented musicians that welcomes his style of play into their music, as well as gives him an outlet to express his own music, his own artistic talents as a singer/song writer.

"Spirit with a Vision is a Dream with a Mission..." Neal Peart