Jerry Frischer :~)>
(Lead Guitar)

  • 6 String Electric: Various Fender & Gibson Guitars w/ various vintage Fender Amps.
  • Vocals: (Shure 57)
Like so many musicians of my generation, the Beatles inspired me to make music. Seeing them on the Ed Sullivan show and in "A Hard Days Night" instantly pointed a directionless kid in a very definite direction. My first band played a lot of what was called 'Soul Music' at the time. The Temptations, James Brown and Wilson Picket were molding my style along with the British Invasion.

I started playing the guitar after dumping my entire coin collection on the counter at the local music store. For $30 bucks in change I became the proud owner of my first arch top. That guitar satisfied my music desires for a while. But one instrument led to another and I subsequently moved on to the bass, playing the rock'in blues for years. Now that I am in OPEN>Sunday® I am back on the guitar, playing original music with all those cool tools that I accumulated over the years.

I consider myself fortunate that I grew up in the 60's. The evolution of music was so brilliant and explosive. As a musician, I could barely keep up with all the new styles, sounds and technologies that kept coming and coming. In a relatively short time I had discovered blues, country rock and psychedelic music to name just a few. All of these styles are now the musical DNA that comprises the way I play.

As far as the equipment I play, I'm pretty much a Fender man. From the first time I heard Ike Turner play a Strat through a Super Reverb, I knew, that was the sound I was going for. Today I have a pretty complete collection of old Fender Guitars and Amps from the 60's (See my Web page photos). My most recent acquisition is a 1960 Jazz Master that has a simply incredible tone.

I guess that pretty much tells my story. Time to tune up the Telle'.