The band OPEN>Sunday® is a full size originals band rooted in acoustic sounds that feature electric guitar leads, subtle keyboard riffs and three part harmonies. Their music style ranges from soft acoustic ballads, to country folk; from jazzy blues, to straight forward rock & roll. Those that have seen the band at places like the Pageant, the Hi Pointe, Cicero's, Mississippi Nights and Blueberry Hill have described the band as an 'eclectic sounding pop'. The sound is all their own. It is easy to fit them into most venues because of their broadly ranging styles. They have been a good fit as a concert / headliner opener, they fit well in small clubs and coffee shops. They have a complete 16 channel stereo P.A. system to play any large venues or outdoor event.

Their following consists largely of fellow musicians from other bands that have been known to join them on stage for an occasional solo or to perform an original piece of their own. Musicians and friends of musicians find this multiple songwriter band addicting and refreshing and return to stay current with the new lyrics & melodies that routinely come from this group.

The culture that exists within this band is similar to a musical guild. The majority of the players in OPEN>Sunday are seasoned players. However, several of the songwriters in the band are relatively new to the music scene. They bring a unique freshness to the studio and the stage that blends well with the others. It's this diversity that brings about the eclectic feel.

The wealth of talent runs deep. At their weekly rehearsals it is not uncommon to have a multitude of guest musicians and sidemen stopping by. Some just to hang in the smoking lounge outside, discussing music and issues of the day. Others to introduce a new piece or to support and develop those in progress.

Their studio is quite complete with state of the art equipment. This circle of musicians has 24 channels of digital Tascam quality available to them at any rehearsal. Mastering technology is covered with the PC based software of Cubase VST and Antares. Interface components by MOTU, PreSonus, Alesis and Micro Board provide the final mix quality you can hear in their music (see 'Technical / Equipment' web page).

So if you consider music as an art form,
this band OPEN>Sunday® is a must.

Swimming in paradise, wouldn't that be nice.
To be living in paradise, wouldn't that be right.