~^~ Tijuana Sauna 2002 ~^~

~^~  Tijuana Sauna    ©2002  ~^~

By:  Andy Foster & Terry Melten

Produced By:  Philmo & Andy Foster


Gon'na tell you a little story now, how I met my little Jezebel.

I was roll'in down the road, on my way to Tijuana.

Gon'na spend a little time in the Tijuana Sauna.

This ain't no Country Club,  Nope!!

It's the home of the Mexican Blackbird, Tweet tweet.


So there I was.  Visor on, Leather drawn, and life is good.

Until I hit that piece of wood,

and I had to lay the Fat Boy down.


   Wicked !!


Slide show with sparks!

 Black top horizontal mumbo!

Crash with no burn!

Damn,  ruined my good set of leathers.


Hey,  Hey!  Push,  Walk...

Hey, Stop!! Push,  Walk...


A Dooley pulled over to give me a ride.

Two Gyarines with a girl by their side.

Whoow !!

She must be 6 ft. tall.

Nope, that's a 5 ft. girl in big shoes, and she loves me.


Hey man do you want us to load up your bike? Yah,


And that's what they did

and they left me on the road to nowhere.




And there goes my ride.

And the lady.  O-lady them legs, O-lady, well...

She's still inside.

That little Jezebel !!


Well I guess I'll make like a tree and get out of here.




Hours went by.  The sun left the sky.

I came across this old town Shanty.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!

My old scooter,,, and those Goobers.

Well, they're pretty handy.


They fixed my bike and now it's a Trike, room for two!

We be leave'in tonight!

Me and my lady, she'll understand.

I got a score to settle with a pipe in my hand.

I'm gon'na send them to the promise land!




Goobers, come out to play  Ha ha, ah ha ha, ah ha ha!!!


(Guitar Solos)


So ther ya have it. That's how I met my little Jezebel.

I win! They loose! See ya Never!



Copyright by Andy Foster & Terry Melten 2002