A special thank you goes out to all 120+ of our friends that chose to sign up in advance and make it out to the show last Saturday night. And as it turned out, that was too many for the Sky Music Lounge’s club room to hold. It turns out that a private part was booked into the side room earlier in the evening so many of you had to wait outside the door prior to our show and wait for several of these folks to leave, so that you could come into the bar. Please accept our apology for that overlap. We knew nothing of this private event.

It is always an unforgettable pleasure to play to a packed house. Our OPEN>Sunday autographed golf tees were a big hit with the first 75 people through the door. Lots of new faces in the crowed. There is not doubt that this clubs management will be calling us back for another show in that I would bet this is the first Happy Hour Show that they have ever sold out.

Thanks again to you all for a great night.


Ok, we know that it has been damn-near a year,,, nope, its been a year and six days (who’s counting) since OPEN>Sunday accepted a gig and move the happenings out of Twingate Studios and into a wonderful public facility, which this time is one that we know in the neighborhood as “The Sky Lounge” (930 Kerhs Mill Road. Ballwin, MO 63011 - 636-527-6909) for all to enjoy and experience. The date for the gig is Saturday March 21st, and the start time, peculiar as it may seem, is 7:00 – 8:30.

It will be a three band night as Dave G. Kalz & the Impala Deluxe will follow OPEN>Sunday. Then following the ‘Impala D’s’ will be ‘Sudden Impact’ to close out the night.

OPEN>Sunday will be playing a full hour and a half set of original music that most likely will be sprinkled with choice covers, ones that the band has been having fun with as we have been dinking around with the new songs that we have been arraigning over the last year.

I will have more detail available here in the near future.

So stay tuned to E# and our website for the updates.

...For a map to get to the Lucas School House, click here for a map!