Its Studio time again for the boys in OPEN>Sunday.
We just returned from our annual four day retreat to the Lake of the Ozarks where we explore the realms of inner thoughts and values, new dreams and visions, and how to convert these view ports into new and interesting music. The results have brought on at least three seriously challenging works.

Bart is once again showing his wordsmithing resourcefulness as he chisels out riddle like verses to his new melody that the group is helping to arrange.

Andy and the group have move in a Jamaican direction with a new number that focuses on letting go of values that have not proven themselves to be worthy.

And our newest member, Paul Schaffrin has delivered with a new Bluegrass/Mainstream concept number that addresses the idea that you can return home, on your own terms.

It was a very relaxing time as we reminded ourselves why we do this music thing together. And as a bonus, it was a very productive event. Which has landed us back into the studio recording and refining these new songs. So as we seek out the isolation of this process please look forward to the time when we bring these new works of art to you for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy today, to the other stuff tomorrow.

OS out...


This is our annual pack up the pickup, load up all the recording gear, and head to the Lake of the Ozarks, extended weekend for the band. Once a year we set up a 24 channel digital studio in one of the most well maintained rustic facilities on this earth. The location is Pelican Point, which is a private grouping of stone and cedar homes that provides lodging and a location for the group to assemble for a 4 day recording session. We seek this isolation. We seek this inspiration. We seek the uninterrupted environment where the magic of creating music freely occurs.


Well after all has been Merry and the New Year grows weary, there comes our favorite time of the year.

When the North Wind it blows and it gets bitter cold, when February gets really near.

You know the Hog will arrive on something shinny that glides. It gets it when he puts it in gear.

He feels the wind really blow when he gives it a go.

The Ground Hogs on a Scooter this year.

Ride your scooter Ground Hog, Ride...