First we want to thank the 135 plus friends that made it out to see the show last Saturday night. It turned out to be such a beautiful night inside and outside for a December day.
And to be able to play a double bill with our old friends from THUNDERHEAD (A True RUSH Experience), what a Kick A~~ Pre-Xmas rock show for you-all that chose to attend.
For us, it had been a long time since we shared the stage together. It was the Pageant Gig of 2001 as I recall. With all the fun that we shared, on and off stage, we agreed that we should do it again soon.

Happy Holidays to you all…

__________________________________________________ This is just in.

OPEN>Sunday will be playing a double bill with the RUSH tribute band THUNDERHEAD on Saturday December 10th.

OPEN>Sunday starts at 9:00
THUNDERHEAD starts at 10:45

More to come as soon as I get the details…