Thanks for the complements everyone. And we appreciate you-all enduring the madness.

It seemed that once the night started off on a bad foot, with all the feedback at the start, and preshow music playing during the 1st song and then finding a live howling mic. lying on the stage floor during our 2nd song (which was there for the next band), we were unable to find the groove throughout the rest of the show. One thing after another... And to top it off at the end of the night, my six string acoustic guitar turned up missing. It wasn't located until about 7:00 the next evening, safe and sound. But I lived the stress of uncertainty for most of the next day. Ya know, I guess nights like that are just going to happen.

Thanks for coming out,

Andy putting it in the past....


OPEN>Sunday is playing at Blueberry Hill's the 'Duck Room' next Saturday, March 26th. Please feel welcome to join us.

Here is the details:
Ages 21+
The Door is $6
Doors open at 7:30

OPEN>Sunday ------------ 8:30 to 9:30
Lost Parade --------------- 9:50 to 10:50
Impala Deluxe ------------11:15 to 12:30

Blueberry Hill
(314) 727-0880
6504 Delmar Blvd
Saint Louis, MO


...For a map to get to Blueberry Hill, click on the hyperlink below.


Well folks, OPEN>Sunday has been blessed with another wonderful opportunity to play music at Blueberry Hill 'In the Loop' on Saturday March 26th. Its been a while since we were there last. August to be exact. So we are please to be playing this wonderful club once more. And as neeto things go. Just two days earlier that week Chuck Berry will be playing the same room. He will be standing on the same stage, standing in the same place as we will be. To say the least, the thrill of playing music has not gone...

Come out and feel the magic!!

Steady now,