As for last Saturday night, thank you to the 150+ friends that came out to the show. And thank you to the 80+ friends that paid in advance. It was clearly over the top for you, Cicero's and ourselves. We ended up playing in front of a packed, and I mean packed room of willing participants. There were four rows of chairs just behind the dance floor that were full. A room full of people behind them, standing elbow to elbow. And then the usual small dance floor full of people that couldn't resist the urge to shake it, but not break it. Management held off putting out tables for the show knowing that we had 80+ presales for the show. They said that if they had 100 people in the room that it would be full. And as it turned out, over full is what made this night so special.

The bar had a good ring and the bartender walked out of the room at the end of the night with a pitcher full of tips. So everyone was happy with the money side of it all.

As for the energy level and the excitement from the bands point of view. It will, for Keith, BK, and the rest of the band, be a night that we will never forget. That is the way we felt after the show and even the next day when we began calling each other to share the enthusiasm. Steve Whitlow, our new lead guitar player had a blast, Sam had a blast, Bart was on cloud 9, and I am left once again, feeling rather dizzy from all the excitement.

Thanks again for your interest and support, here's wishing you a unique and positive experience, one like we have just experienced.


As a late update to our Sound Check section, we wanted to thank the 70+ friends of ours that have paid in advance (our VIP list) for this show. Considering Cicero's performance room holds ~100 people we are really looking forward to sharing our art with you all.


As pleased as I am to share this with you, this announcement, I will hold off putting in the constant 'G' (for Grinning) throughout this write up. Anyway, Get this...

The OPE-unday boys (that's us) have been blessed with one of the brass rings that has been evading us over the years. A chance to play our music at Cicero's down 'On the Loop' on Saturday March 12th. And what was really neat about this is that Jay, the manager there at Cicero's contacted us (unsolicited) with humbling complements asking us to do the show.

Furthermore, he wants us to take the headliner spot and double bill with Devon Allman (son of Greg Allman from the Allman Brothers Band). I don't know how we rate this opportunity or this flattery but here we go...

And then another complement came our way today. A St. Louis company by the name of 'Concert View' called me today wanting to video tape the live show (at no charge) to create DVD's and website downloads of the show. There nitch is to charge for the DVD's and downloads. We get some copies for free and we will be able to put some of the show up on our website for free downloads, so be looking for that on the website soon.

Since you folks are responsible for creating so much emotion for us up on stage, We want you, We need you to be in this video! Over and over again a lot of you-all have been out there making us feel special. And if you can fit it into your schedule to be a part of the taping, please do...

Video taping a band is a very rare event.

'Thank you' to those that can make it and
'I understand' to those that can't. No worries...

Age 18+
The Door is $5 ($8 under 21)
Doors open at 8:30

Devon Allman ------------ 9:00 to 10:45
OPEN>Sunday ------------ 10:45 to 12:45

Cicero's 6691 Delmar
University City, MO 63130

Hours of Operation:
Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-1 a.m.
Sun. 11 a.m.-12 a.m.

...For a map to get to Cicero's, click here for a map!