Before we get into the show itself, the band members of OPEN>Sunday want to thank the 350+ friends and supporters of the Alzheimer's Association of St. Louis that came out to the show in support of this Alzheimer's fund raiser last Saturday night. Also, OPEN>Sunday would like to thank the 115+ friends of ours that willingly paid in advance for the show. Clearly we chose to support a cause that reaches many of you that associate with the band.
In the end over $2,200 was raise from the door and the advanced VIP sales. Additional contributions were collected from Mississippi Nights and from the Raffle Tickets sold throughout the night. All of which went to the Alzheimer's Association of St. Louis.

To all of you that supported this effort, THANK YOU!!!

Now for the Show...
Wow, where to start. There were so many worthy people involved in the planning and promotions of this event that it's hard to put it into prospective. But I'll give it a shot...

Katie Kruze (from KSHE-95) started the evening as the master of ceremonies and welcomed everyone to the show, then much to each of the band members pleasure Katie introduced OPEN>Sunday as the 'Originals band that has drawn a lot of you to this evening's benefit, and for good reason...'.

More to come... just as soon as I eat some turkey.


97.1 FM Talk Radio Presents:

~~~~~ Fight the Darkness ~~~~~

A Charity Show to Benefit the Alzheimer's Association

Hosted by: KATY KRUZE

The Javier Mendoza Band
The Dave Glover Band
Dave G. Kalz & Impala Deluxe

With a special midnight show by: PINK EYED D'GECKO

NOV 20, 2004, at MISSISSIPPI NIGHTS on historic Laclede's Landing St. Louis, MO

Doors 7:00pm
Tickets $6.00 and available at the Mississippi Nights Box Office

All ages until midnight.

Also sponsored by The Musicians Avenue, llc

...For a map to get to Mississippi Nights, click here for a map!