WE would like to thank the 110+ friends that came out to the show last Saturday Night. And boy did Sam (the Bass-man) Ferranto have a wonderful 50 Birthday Celebration. Sam once again wanted to thank you all for coming out to the show. Because as he put it "Good friends are hard to come by and you all are the best".

And then to our surprise, Dave Glover, from the Dave Glover Band was also celebrating his 40th Birthday that night and all night long people from the stage were wishing each other 'Happy Birthday'.

So goes the night.


After the Enigma Gig in June and a couple of weeks in the Minnesota Boundary Waters it was a real pleasure to return to the voicemail inviting us to close the show at Blueberry Hill on Saturday, August 28th.

This Show starts earlier this time around! < 8:30 > So please make a note of it.

$5.00 Cover
The Doors Open at < 8:00 >
'The Dave Glover Band' will open the show at < 8:30 >
'Dave G. Kalz & The Impala Deluxe' Takes the stage at < 9:45 > then,
'OPEN>Sunday' Closes out the night starting at < 11:00 >

Its a celebration two fold. In addition to the opportunity to Headline the show, we will be celebrating Sam (the Bassman) Ferranto's 50th Birthday. Something tells me he won't up early the next day.

Come join us for an evening of celebration.

Stay tuned to E#

Blueberry Hill
(314) 727-0880
6504 Delmar Blvd
Saint Louis, MO

...For directions to Blueberry Hill, click here for a map!