We would like to thank the 90+ friends that took the time to come out and enjoy this fun filled evening in the neighborhood. And to all of you that took it upon yourselves to be wearing your OPEN>Sunday-Skull Caps, your OPEN>Sunday-DooRags, your OPEN>Sunday-BrainBonnets, well, well well well, isn't it fun to be Trindmongering... We in the band were pleasantly surprised at how popular the Orange ones were in the crowd. Even a few of the ladies were sporting the colors.

To tell you a little secret from the stage, with the stage lights on high, it is hard to see anyone in the room. Most of the time you can see silhouette or even some movement. But, for those of you that were sporting the O>S DooRags we could spot you, even through the lights. Those points of colorful light gave us points of reference when playing to you all. So thanks again for contributing to the excitement of the show.

We knew you were having tons of fun because we could hear you from the stage. By far this was the riotous group we have played for at the Enigma. Even the sound man came up to us during our break and told us that he was having to keep the volume up to be equal with the crowd noise. Wooohoo~~~

Isn't it fun to be a part of such a positive movement?


For the 1st time since September 2003 OPEN>Sunday is please to be returning to the Enigma Lounge in Ballwin MO on Friday, June 11th. (8:30pm to 10:30am).

Ya see, for us in the band, the Enigma is the place where the magic truly began to flow for us, on stage. And the Enigma is being grand enough to let us come back and play to all of our friends living in the west county area. And per your request we will be playing our original music for you in a time slot that allows you to get your baby sitters back home at a decent time.

Support the arts. Bring your friends..Bring your lovely bride or your handsome Bo..Bring your roomy or just your badself because in the end.

Sharing a musical evening with friends is an evening that is not quickly forgotten.

Also, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we have new songs up on the website. Please take the time to download a song or two and give them a listen.

For directions to the Enigma Lounge, click here for a map!