All of us in OPEN>Sunday wants to Thank You, the 210+ friends for participating in our most recent Duck Room experience, from last Saturday night. It was without a doubt the highest energy show that we have done. For several of us, there was a whole lot of pined up energy that exploded out on the stage last Saturday night. You all must have been feeling it because we haven't ever see so many people up on their feet and into the music.

I have a question for Lost-in-Blue.
Who was that killer trumpet player that was playing with you all?
Someone in the crowd called him 'the Sheriff'.
Wow, is he available?

Again, thank you for your continued support!!


The Management and Blueberry Hill (the Duck Room) has past on to us another neato weekend gig opportunity. This one is the Saint Patty's Day Weekend. The weather is warming up and the ‘U-City Loop’ is getting exciting.

This Show starts earlier this time around! < 8:00 > So please make a note of it.

Saturday March 13th..
The Doors Open at < 7:30 >
'Lost-In-Blue' has accepted our offer to open the show at < 8:00 >
'OPEN>Sunday' Takes the stage at < 9:00 > then,
'Dave Kalz & The Impala Deluxe' Close out the night starting at < 11:00 >

Make no mistake, it is you, our friends. Sitting, standing, dancing or singing along in the crowd that makes this happening so positive for us all.

We'll try to make the mood right.
We'll play until its late at night.
With wine and drinks by candle light.
We're gonna fight the good fight.

Free OPEN>Sunday CD's will also be available.
Per your request, more tables and chairs will be brought in.

So please come out and Share in the excitement of being a part of this positive movement. Feel welcome to experience the Central West End musical expression, again with OPEN>Sunday, at Blueberry Hill, on March 13th.

Forward, never Straight


Here is all the Blueberry Hill Info for ya,

Blueberry Hill
(314) 727-0880
6504 Delmar Blvd
Saint Louis, MO

...For directions to Blueberry Hill, click here for a map!