We would like to thank our 150+ friends that took the time to come out to Blueberry Hill and spend the evening with us and Dave Kalz and the Impala Deluxe, last Saturday night. Make no mistake, if it wasnít for your interest. If it wasnít for your willingness to come out and be apart of this positive movement, we would not be able to be playing in such a wonderful place as Blueberry Hill. And for that we are solefully in your debt.

I spent some time talking to Tamara, one of our friends that came to the show last weekend. She said something that came through to me crystal clear. She said that so many of us have been strapped for years with the demands of raising kids. And now that they are getting old enough to be left at home without sitters, there is a strong desire to reconnect to life outside the home. The life that was had in the past. One that included live music and exciting places.

She said, what we (OPEN>Sunday) provide is a unique connection to that scene. Most live bands that are doing their own music these days are, for whatever reason hard to relate to. But OPEN>Sunday she says, really fills that void, that need. The need to be apart of something positive, something outside of but not excluding the family. Something that involves friends and neighbors. Something that includes music and involves new and exciting places.

A fresh and unique feeling of happiness. Apparently thatís what we are providing. Can you feel the magic?


Well no more than we all finish our family 'Turkey' on Thanksgiving Thursday we will all have the opportunity to do the 'Duck' thing with friends of OPEN>Sunday. Yes, once again, and with great appreciation from us, we have been extended another opportunity to share our audio art form with you at Blueberry Hill's the Duck Room on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH starting at 9:00. Just so you know, Blueberry Hill is located in The Loop at 6504 Delmar on the west side of St. Louis Mo. (314) 727-0880

Dave Kalz and the Impala Deluxe will be double Billing with us this November night. They will be opening the show and play a Rock'in Blues feel that will I promise, entertain the Pin Feathers off your tails. (Sorry for the duck'issums.) So please plan to spend your whole evening with both the Impala Deluxe and OPEN>Sunday.

Arm extended,
Hanging on to the mirror barÖ.

For directions to Blueberry Hill, click here for a map!

Also, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we have a new song up on the website. The New Song is called: 'Old Willy' (Itís a pleasant number sang by Sam that is about my 1st auto).

Please take the time to download the song and give it a listen.