We would like to thank you, the 200+ friends that took the time to come out to Blueberry Hill for an evening of our original music. Playing the 'Duck Room' once was an unforgettable experience. But to be asked to return to do another show just a month later brought a greater since of pride to both OPEN>Sunday as well as Lost-in-Blue.

We would also like to thank 'Lost in Blue' for opening the show again and bringing their colorful work to the stage. Stay in touch with this band folks as they continue to evolve.

So to sum it up, We feel like we are Veering towards Neat-0!!

As the group drove away, at the end of the evening, one followed the other down the street. Unexpectedly the first car slowed and pulled into to the Halo bar down the street from Blueberry Hill. Surprisingly each one behind did the same. Vamp!! What proceeded was a wicked celebration. The two bands danced and drank and sang like there was no tomorrow.

Can you understand the happiness we are feeling?


By Request, OPEN>Sunday will be returning to The Duck Room Saturday Oct. 11th at the all So famous Blueberry Hill, which is located in The Loop at 6504 Delmar on the west side of St. Louis Mo.
(314) 727-0880

We will be playing two shows in the 'Duck Room'
(Yes, this is the same stage where Chuck Berry is plays monthly), whoa,,, feel the magic...
The 1st show starts at 9:30 and the 2nd starting at 11:00.

For us it is a big deal !! Really Really... Playing music in the central west end of this wonderful city is a relatively new experience for us. And to be able to share this experience with you all is what makes this movement so special.
So we would be humbled if you would take the time to come out and be a part of the show. Bart needs help from the crowd in counting off the start to his song 'Free'

So support the arts. Support this establishment. Bring your friends..Bring your lovely bride or your handsome Bo..Bring your roomy or just your badself because in the end.

Sharing the moment Is the 'true value'.

For directions to Blueberry Hill, click here for a map!

Also, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we have a new song up on the website.

The New Song is called: 'Me & Miguel' (lots of neat-o horns in this one).

Please take the time to download the song and give it a listen.

Life is Good, Enjoy the View!!