We are truly humbled by the 50+ friends that came out to help celebrate our birthdays this year, at the Enigma Lounge. A lot of new faces were in the crowd this time around. Most from our neighborhood wanting to share the moment. Thanks to you and our regular group for your support.

We took the opportunity to feature 'BK' our new Sax player, throughout the night. Between Paul on the Keys and BK blowing his colorful notes lots of improv solo sections were had.
We hope you liked...

Look for us to return to the Enigma sometime before the end of the year as an opener for some national act. At least that is what the management says.

He who walks a mile to hold an empty hand, knows what it means to be a wealthy man.


OPEN>Sunday will be playing back at the Enigma Lounge in Ballwin MO on Friday, Sept. 12th. (9:30pm to 12:30am).

Ya see, four of us in the band, Keith, Philmo, Sam and I all have Birthdays within a month of each other. And the Enigma Lounge is being grand enough to let us Celebrate our Birthday Regatta by playing our original music for you, our friends on Friday, Sept. 12th.
Keith says that he is going to cook up a B-day Cake that is in the shape of his snare drum. So those that get there early will get a 'slice of the snare'.

For us it is a big deal !!

This show is our 1st night there at the Enigma where we are an all evening show (no opener). So this is a make it or break it type show. Meaning, if we have a really good turn out by our friends, we will be unquestionably judged worthy for future gigs. That's a tough stamp of approval to obtain. So your help on this night would be greatly appreciated.
Support the arts. Bring your friends..Bring your lovely bride or your handsome Bo..Bring your roomy or just your badself because in the end.

Sharing the moment is the true value.

Also, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we have a new song up on the website.

The New Song is called: 'Me & Miguel' (lots of neat-o horns in this one).

Please take the time to download the song and give it a listen.

For directions to the Enigma Lounge, click here for a map!