We would like to thank all of our Friends and Families that came out to see us last Friday night. Your presents was sincerely felt up on stage. Especially during the Acoustic set where the Tribute to Buford Foster was performed.

And to all you hotties out there that kept strolling by the stage all night long, Thaaank YoU!!, for coming to the show.

To you Biob Eis, Thanks for filling in as our sound man, when the regular sound tech chose to be elsewhere for the evening. You gave it your best and for that we are grateful.

Now its back to the City with the Arch for more fun and music.

Hope to see ya again soon.


Finally after three long years,
OPEN>Sunday is returning to the Lake of the Ozarks.

Yep, its time to wax up the ol' Wakeboard!!!
Drewsom, can ya give us a quick spin around the pond?

The boys in the band have been itch'in to spend a weekend at the lake, hanging out at the Beer Buoy down on Pelican Point. So off we go. And Casey, there at the Filling Station has been kind enough to extend an invitation to play at his club there between the Glaze Bridge and the Outlet Mall. So, what the heck, let all have a little music fun as well.

It is located at:
4705 Highway 54
Osage Beach MO 65065
(573) 348-4796.

This is between the Glaze Bridge and the Outlet Mall next to Shoney's Restaurant.

For directions, click here for a map!

There's some folks I need to see,
they go a cold Scheaffer for me...
down at the, Filling Station....
down at the, Filling Station.....
down at the, Filling Station......
Got it...