Holy Horne Toads!!

Once again thanks to the 50+ OPEN>Sunday friends that chose to spend their Friday night with us at the Enigma Lounge. We hope you liked our new ones ‘Romeo’ and ‘Love Gone Cold’. Judging from your response, we consider them winners as we make room for them in the up coming shows.

As most nights have gone for us at the Enigma Lounge, the full band, Yes all 7 of us, were feeling the strong emotions of creativity and spontaneity much the way we do in the majority of our rehearsals. It doesn’t get much better for us. That is unless we are sharing the stage with friends like ‘The DOXIES’. That was and will remain a life long treasure for Brent, Bryan, Andy and Bart. You see they go back along ways.

Anyway, Check them out at: www.thedoxies.com OR
Just click here to go right to their website!

All of you are invited to join us down at the Lake of the Ozarks this summer when we play at ‘The Filling Station’ in Osoogie Beach. Help us celebrate the 11th of July.
OK, ok its not the 4th of July but it will feel a lot like it.
We will have the whole night to ourselves as we get the opportunity to hang around with our good friends from the lake. Please come down and meet them all.

We will be back at the Enigma in September. This time we have the full night. So out come ALL the tunes we can muster.

Stay tuned to E# and enjoy the simple pleasures of each day.

For directions to the Enigma Lounge, click here for a map!

The Enigma Lounge is located at 15480 Clayton Rd. in Ballwin, MO 63011. There Phone Number is (636) 256-8123.