Great Googlee-Booglee!!

Once again thanks to the 80+ OPEN>Sunday friends that chose to spend their Saturday night with us at the Enigma Lounge. When you tack on the good size crowd that the IMPALA DELUXE attracted we, from the stage point of view, were looking at standing room only. Did anyone notice how much fun the band was having? Well you all were the reason!

Management was telling me after the show that they were having to do a head count to avoid over filling the club.

What a wonderful experience it was.

The band gives the Enigma Lounge a 5-C rating.
That's a CCCCC rating, which stands for
Carpeting, Couches, Clean Air, Contemporary & Close to Home.

As it was this time around, we were given the opportunity to Double Bill with the IMPALA DELUXE. This longer play time gave you all a grand opportunity to hear a fair amount of our Side B material. Hope you liked...

Impala Deluxe later took the stage and gave an outstanding performance. Did anyone notice that Mark was playing through his new 1963 Fender rig?

Anyway, Check them out at: OR
Just click here to go right to their website!

For directions to the Enigma Lounge, click here for a map!

The Enigma Lounge is located at 15480 Clayton Rd. in Ballwin, MO 63011. There Phone Number is (636) 256-8123.