Technical / Equipment

Recording Equipment: Yes, Andy is a 'Tech-head' as well...

24 channel mixer - Tascam M-2600 mkII
24 channel digital recorders - (3)Tascam DA-38s w/RC-828 remote
Computer mastering - MOTO 2408 w/pc based Cubase VST
DAT/CD /Cassette recording - Tascam DA-30 mkII, Tascam CC-222
CD Duplication - Micro boards CD 12x 4 station tower
Compression - PreSonus ACP-88, (2) Dbx 266a, Dbx 266xl
Effects Processing - (2)Digitech Studio V2 Quads, Alesis Midiverb II & IV
BBE 462 Maximizer, Antares Auto-Tune 3 (PC base)
Monitors: Shure PSM-600 wireless, (4) Crate APM-75s
Microphones: Sure 57s & 58s (Live), EV-RE1000 (voice), Sennheiser E604 (drums)

Studio Gear: Some more cool tools hanging around the studio...

Drums - mid 70's Nat. Maple Ludwigs w/ 7 matching Tom, Zildjian & Paiste Cymbals
Keys - Korg 01Wpro workstation.
Computer - PC 800Mhz duel processors, Duel Monitors, S.B. Audigy Platinum sound card,
(2) 120Gb hard drives, Pioneer DVD/CD Reader, Teac 12x CD writer,
PCTV/Pipeline Cable interface, Altec Lansing ACS56 Computer Speaker System

Road Gear / PA : Were good to go !!

The 'Gig Rig' 16 channel system in Stereo !!
Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 16:2dxII w/built in Digitec effects processing,
DBx 2215 duel 15 ban EQ,
DBx 266XL duel Compression/Gate,
Carvin DCM4000A with (4) 425 watt outputs at 8 ohms
Teac RW-200 duel CD player/recorder

The Speakers:
Mains: (2) Fender SPL series 1225 mIII
(4) Peavey Mod.#115-H w/horns
Subwoofers: (2) Fender Artist series 115sa

Other Gear:
Voice Processors: (2) Antares ATR-1a Auto-Tune Pitch Correctors
(2) Alesis Midiverbs (1) Mod. II & (1) Mod. IV
Audio Snake: Pro Co 100ft. 20 channel, 16 in, 4 out
Signal Cables: (16) 50ft. with extras
Speaker Cables: (4) 25ft., (4) 50ft., (4) 125ft.
Lighting: (6) Par Cans (Ok we are al little weak here.)
Transportation: Road Cases and New Trailer in tow, feel the magic, Whoa lets go!