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442 offers an intensely fresh sound packed with plenty of memorable, radio-friendly hooks.
[Hits: 685] [Added: 23 Sep 04 at 14:25:40]
Barefoot Jones
Barefoot Jones is the product of the collaboration of two singer-songwriters and three excellent backing players. Serving up a tasty stew of acoustic Americana folk/rock with flavors of blues, funk, country and pop.
[Hits: 583] [Added: 03 Mar 06 at 13:19:21]
Book of Lies
Book of Lies is a St. Louis original rock band, simply put...or are they? Be it up beat and rockin', sweet and melodic, or naughty and hard...they'll do it all.
[Hits: 603] [Added: 24 Nov 03 at 10:07:39]
Brandy Johnson
Her beautiful tone displays both a light touch and a solid determination. It's dense and confident, given to melodramatic leaps and gentle whispers, and, true to the first advice any vocal coach will give you.
[Hits: 697] [Added: 17 Sep 04 at 15:42:21]
Cloud 9
Cloud Nine strives to separate itself from the usual "cover bands" expectations and seeks to offer more of a "party band" atmosphere by creating a unique, live-music sound that would otherwise be the task of a club DJ.
[Hits: 712] [Added: 17 Sep 04 at 16:10:56]
Core Project
Core Project formed in 2000 - reformed in 2004 St. Louis's most recognizable live hip hop band is back with a new line-up, a revitalized sound, and a big new box of stickers for your street signs and bathroom stalls.
[Hits: 1012] [Added: 14 Oct 04 at 17:16:27]
Dave Kalz & the Impala Deluxe
Kalz & his group, "Impala Deluxe" have rediscovered what rock and roll was supposed to be all about.
Pop, rock, & blues all molded together with fluid guitar riffs and melodies.
[Hits: 723] [Added: 08 Dec 03 at 11:02:17]
To label Earl a "roots rock" band would be to miss the point entirely. Earl's music is an adrenaline-fueled shot of musical salvation for the disillusioned masses.
[Hits: 701] [Added: 20 Sep 04 at 16:36:45]
Earth City
The Band Earth City has been around the St. Louis scene a long time and they are an all original band that includes the drummer (Dave) and Bass Player (ben) from 'Paint the Earth'.
[Hits: 580] [Added: 30 Sep 04 at 16:55:01]
Essence Of Logic
The band builds its sound on traditional, classic rock styles with the influences of some of today's hard rock greats.
[Hits: 612] [Added: 18 Nov 03 at 09:57:58]
Falling Martins
The Falling Martins are a 5-piece band specializing in rock, pop, blues, alt.country, and more. Featuring melodic harmony vocals, acoustic guitars, powerful-yet-smooth and jazzy keyboards, and a solid-groove rhythm section. The Falling Martins - a fresh alternative to the current norm.
[Hits: 705] [Added: 08 Dec 03 at 10:33:33]
Formula Kid
St. Louis originals band that is going regional. Soulfull Rock and Roll with unforgetable melodies.
[Hits: 568] [Added: 24 May 05 at 10:04:53]
Gargoyle Reign
From Hard Rock to today's popular hits, 70's Funk to Techno, Classic Rock to Alternative Rock, Gargoyle Reign can not only handle it but pull it off with a style and feel that is uniquely GARGOYLE!
[Hits: 1114] [Added: 20 Sep 04 at 16:48:30]
In 2002, Greenwheel supported Hoobastank, Our Lady Peace, Default, and Injected. The schedule kept then on the road and in front of the fans for most of the year.
[Hits: 567] [Added: 20 Sep 04 at 17:32:06]
Late 2004/Early 2005 found singer/guitarist, Devon Allman of Honeytribe gathered together the origional members to set the stage for the rebirth of the group.
[Hits: 734] [Added: 19 Apr 05 at 18:24:52]
Javier Mendoza Band
Javier's songs have a focused message. "Hope is my biggest theme," says Mendoza to describe his approach to songwriting. It's also an apt description of his efforts to help the band, and their unique brand of "transnational pop rock," find an audience and a home with a major record label.
[Hits: 1234] [Added: 26 Oct 04 at 16:13:50]
Joe Dirt
Joey Dirt is a man of few words... until you put a mic and a Les Paul in front of him. He and the Dirty Boys play Classic Rock favorites from Van Halen, Free, Grand Funk Railroad, Tom Petty, AC-DC, KISS, Etc.
[Hits: 1661] [Added: 23 Sep 04 at 11:04:51]
Just Add Water
Their debut recording yielded a national award of Best Guitar Center Band of 2000. While using the recognition to promote themselves nationally, they continued to work on the home front, generating one of the largest and most devout followings in St. Louis.
[Hits: 674] [Added: 20 Sep 04 at 16:01:20]
Lojic is the product of five St Louis musicians bent on merging traditional hip-hop, thick driving bass grooves, and industry leading scratches into a compelling collection of unique musical projects.
[Hits: 592] [Added: 16 May 05 at 14:04:48]
Lost Parade
[Hits: 932] [Added: 29 Mar 05 at 13:41:59]
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