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7 Tongues
A Cleveland Ohio heavy metal band.
[Hits: 552] [Added: 11 Feb 04 at 12:32:23]
After Shock
T his band was formed in Mar. of 2000 with some guys that have been playing in other bands since the late 60's that play Southern and Classic some New Rock and Originals when they put on a show look out you will be surprised at the talent that they provide for all ages this band rocks.
[Hits: 535] [Added: 12 Feb 04 at 17:30:24]
a name which might a bring to mind pretty people, playing quiet, reflective music. WRONG, this band may be reflective, but quiet they are not. Prepare to be thrown into a world of spine tingling melodies, soaring guitar riffs, and heart lifting, thought provoking lyrics.
[Hits: 756] [Added: 12 Feb 04 at 16:47:53]
Awesome Entertainment
Weddings and Special Events: Providing full-variety DJ music in the Chicago area working full-time in the DJ industry. Small to large sound systems available for audiences of 10 to 4,500 people.
[Hits: 899] [Added: 01 Apr 04 at 15:25:47]
Dave Osoff
Dave's debut instrumental album, 'Mosaic', is now available. This project delivers some very fresh, new sounds; lots of brand new music, as well as exciting, new arrangements of songs written over the last 4-5 years.
[Hits: 654] [Added: 18 Feb 04 at 16:41:18]
De Novo Dahl
Collectively, the members of De Novo Dahl describe their music as "catchy, fun rock songs sent through the ringer of experimental arrangements and layered sounds."
[Hits: 553] [Added: 17 Sep 04 at 15:25:55]
Deja Blues
Deja Blues could probably best be described as a variety band, or a party band. Their repertoire includes soul, rock, ballads and standards, and of course, blues. They possess a unique ability to mix music from different genres and timeframes into expressions that are both contemporary and timeless. And their legions of fans love it.
[Hits: 595] [Added: 10 Feb 04 at 18:20:40]
Chicago Four-piece eletro power rock band, Egostatic, is an atom bomb assault on the senses, combining elements of 70's glam, 80's new wave and 90's angst to compose the dark arean anthems of the future.
[Hits: 821] [Added: 21 Sep 04 at 09:48:03]
Welcome to Elevation Music. The new home for Britain's best alternative Christian bands.
[Hits: 554] [Added: 14 Oct 04 at 17:46:40]
EXO has honed their sound into a precise craft; melodic but aggressive, raw but perfect. Upon hearing the noise, people have compared it to everything from the Beatles to Queens of the Stone Age to Sunny Day Real Estate.
[Hits: 727] [Added: 21 Sep 04 at 10:00:27]
G. Lee & Jet Blonde
G. Lee's strong voice, the impressive rhythm guitar, and the backing band...[G. Lee has] a style like Sheryl Crow, vocal similarity to Frente and the assertion of Gwen Stefani...
[Hits: 688] [Added: 17 Sep 04 at 15:51:30]
God is Love
God is Love is a new Christian album that takes you on a journey into Faith, Hope and Love, released on an independent record label called Trinity Records based in Birmingham UK. The Website has free downloads, screensavers and a chat room, as well as an opportunity to buy the CD.
[Hits: 511] [Added: 20 Feb 04 at 12:31:47]
J.E.K. Show
High-energy happy-go-lucky punk/emo out of San
Antonio Tx
[Hits: 694] [Added: 17 Mar 04 at 12:29:42]
Jules Music
Jules is an award winning early childhood educator and musician. Combining these two talents, he has created a highly entertaining kids music show that has kids laughing, dancing and singing.
[Hits: 1222] [Added: 16 Mar 04 at 15:56:01]
Julia Othmer
A refreshing new artist whose sound is a cross between the poetic verse of Tori Amos and the soulful, seductive punch of Alicia Keys.
[Hits: 867] [Added: 17 Sep 04 at 15:57:45]
Kill Hannah
Kill Hannah formed in 1995 in a dorm room at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There look and sound began as a result of having completely immersed themselves in older sister's vinyl collection as teenagers: The Cure, Smiths, Bowie, Pixies, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran.
[Hits: 740] [Added: 21 Sep 04 at 09:39:14]
Lex Life
Lex's Underground Rap & Hip Hop Music Lyrics Site.
[Hits: 523] [Added: 14 Dec 04 at 13:38:07]
Luppen's music is a mix of music genres, from rock to reggae, a little folk and blues, with electronic and dance styles sprinkled in. Luppen's message is one of peace, alienation, and social injustice all at the same party. With a true indie sound and lyrics that get you thinking, Luppen is good for you.
[Hits: 653] [Added: 16 Mar 04 at 17:52:52]
Metal Pigeon
A new webzine for metal and hard rock music including news, reviews and chat.
[Hits: 652] [Added: 02 Apr 04 at 15:20:37]
Originals Rock Band from the Mid West.
[Hits: 602] [Added: 17 Sep 04 at 17:15:11]
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